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Engineered for the Worlds’ Harshest Climates

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Talk to us about how our products can add value to your property development in a unique way. We have a range of high quality brands to choose from produced in established manufacturing plants in both Canada and the USA with over 20 years of history.With the current markets a US business purchasing a Canadian product means huge SAVINGS due to the currency exchange rates!

Contact us via the form on this site, to discuss the details and how we could help you and your business!

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Customer needs, innovative engineering, employee dedication and our amazing dealer network is the foundation of our success.

Our Team always strives to find innovative solutions to make the hot tub experience easy, fun and unforgettable for our customers.

Founded in 1994, Arctic Spas is proud to be Canada’s largest hot tub dealer with our own brand of hot tubs and all-weather pools built in North America, providing the best product and service in the industry.

With over 160 Dealers World Wide Arctic Spas thrives on inspiration, innovative engineering, and employee dedication and experience. Our team is customer focused, delivering the highest level of service and product quality possible.